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Rohama | Kashmir

Selection List Febuary 2014

ROHAMA (Women)
List of the candidates provisionaly selected for admission to various courses offered by this institution purely on the basis of   merit obtained by them in their qualifying examination for the session Feb.2014 subject to submission/verification of the following certificates in orginal which will be retained by this office till complection of training. 
1.Marks Card of qualifying Examiantion.        
2.State Subject Certificate.          
4.Discharge certificate from the Institution last attended.(Current),dublicate orginal discharge certificates will not be accepted.
5.Category certificate,if any.          
The candidates are advised to report this institution within seven working days from the date of publication of this notice for completing admission formalities along with above said certificates in orginal and to deposit prescribed fee against proper receipt/G.R.The candidate who fails to report within said period,his/her selection will be deemed as cancelled and the candidates in the waiting list in next order of merit will be considered for admission against such vacant seats.The ex-trainees if any in the list will not be considered,except for the trades where response is poor.The errors and comissions any are accepted.The class work will start from first day of admission.
List of candidates selected for Software Application  Trade Session Feb.2014 under SCVT (FREE SEATS) 
S.No Name of the candidate Parantage Residance Qualification %age Remarks
1 Bilal Ahmad Rather Mohmad Dilwar Rather Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 78.13  
2 Zahoor Ahmad Tantry Ab Gani Tantry Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 71.07  
3 Muzamil Ahmad Mir Gulam Mohi UD  Din Mir Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 69.07  
4 Bilal Ahmad Parray Gh Mohd Parray Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 67.20  
5 Nazafit Rashid  Ab Rashir Mir Watergam Rafiabad 10+2 62.40 W/Quota
6 Quratul Ain  Rashid Ab Rashid Dar Watergam Rafiabad 10+2 62.00 W/Quota
7 Saima Mohi U Din Gh Mohi U Din Rather Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 60.40 W/Quota
8 Parveiz Ahmad Khoja Ab Khaliq Khoja  Hardu Chanam Rafiabad 10+2 60.00  
9 Mudasir Ahmad Wani Gh Ahmad Wani  Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 59.73  
10 Sakeena Ashraf Mohd Ashraf Bhat Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 58.80 W/Quota
11 Mohsin Gani Abdul Gani Hajam Ladoora Rafiabad 10+2 57.07  
12 Rehana Maqbool  Mohd Maqbool Bhat Dandoosa Rafiabad 10+2 56.80 W/Quota
13 Rehana Ahad  Abdul Ahad Rather Tragpora Rafiabad 10+2 54.67 W/Quota
14 Khursheed Ahmad War Ghulam Qadir War Nadihal Rafiabad 10+2 54.53  
15 Tabasum Naaz Ali Mohmad Gilkar Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 54.27 W/Quota
16 Iqra Rashid  Ab Rashid Dar Watergam Rafiabad 10+2 53.73 W/Quota
17 Ajaz Ahmad Parry Mohd Yousf Parry Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 51.00  
18 Safeena Bano Ghulam Mohammad Mir Behrampora Rafiabad 10+2 50.40 W/Quota
19 Farhata Bano Mohd Ramzan Mir Ferozpora Rafiabad 10+2 49.33 W/Quota
Software Application  Trade Waiting Free Seats.
1 Abul Rasheed Lone Ali Mohammad Lone Ladoora Rafiabad 10+2 50.17  
2 Ishfaq Maqboo Khan Mohd Maqbool Khan Zeithen Rafiabad 10+2 50.13  
3 Mubashir Bashir  Bashir Ahmad Lone Nadihal Rafiabad 10+2 48.83  
4 Nahida Akhter Ab Karim War Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 47.87 W/Quota
5 Shah Musaibul Haque Mohd Mubaraq Shah  Chatloora Rafiabad 10+2 46.40  
6 Rifat Ara Ghulam Rasool Dar Ferozpora Rafiabad 10+2 46.27 W/Quota
7 Asif Hussain Bhat Mohd Hussain Bhat  Watergam Rafiabad 10+2 46.00  
8 Reyaz Ahmad Gilkar  Gh Ahmad Gilkar Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 45.50  
9 Mehbooba Akhter Sonaullah Bhat Durhama Wagoora Bla. 10+2 45.33 W/Quota
10 Ashaq Hussain Wani Mohammad Shaban Wani Hadipora Rafiabad 10+2 45.00  
11 Tawseef Ahmad Tantry Mohd Ramzan Tantry Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 44.80  
12 Ajaz Ahmad Mir Sona Ullah Mir Hadipora Rafiabad 10+2 44.67  
13 Hilal Mukhtar Mohammad Mukhtar Dar Ladoora Rafiabad 10+2 44.00  
14 Arfat Rashid Pir Abdul Rashid Pir Ladoora Rafiabad 10+2 43.47  
15 Haseena Maqbool Mohmad Maqbool Malik BuddanRafiabad 10+2 43.33 W/Quota
16 Mehraj Udin Bhat Ab Gani Bhat Katrasoo Kulgam 10+2 42.33  
17 Shugufta Bano Ab Rahim Mir Nowgam Tragpora Rfd. 10+2 41.87 W/Quota
18 Rameez Bashir Bashir Ahmad Bhat Malginipora Rafiabad 10+2 41.33  
19 Ishfaq Ahmad Khan Mohd Ramzan Khan Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 41.07  
20 Hilal Ahmad Khan Mohd Ramzan Khan Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 40.93  
21 Javeed Ahmad Ganie Mohammad Sultan Ganie Nadihal Rafiabad 10+2 39.33  
22 Shameema Akhtar Ab Rashid Bhat Ferozpora Rafiabad 10+2 38.17 W/Quota
Payment seats for Software Application Trade
1 Mohammad Muneeb Peer Abdul Gani Peer Janbazpora Rafiabad 10+2 52.53  
2 Saima Bashir Bashir Ahmad Bhat Sherri Baramulla 10+2 44.20 W/Quota
3 Shoaib Mohammad Bhat Gh Nabi Bhat Janbazpora Rafiabad 10+2 43.87  
4 Ashaq Saleem Late Ghulam Mohmad Parray Rohama Rafiabad 10+2 43.17  
5 Mir Imran  Ghulam Mohi UD Din Mir Janbazpora Rafiabad 10+2 38.40  
 List of candidates selected for Pre-Prepratory School  Management Trade Session Feb.2014 under SCVT (Fee Seats)
1 Sajad Ahmad Mir Gh Hassan Mir Rohama Rafiabad 10th 63.40  
2 Ashaq Hussain Wani Mohammad Shaban Wani Hadipora Rafiabad 10th 60.40  
3 Showket Khaliq  Ab Khaliq Lone Ladoora Rafiabad 10th 59.60  
4 Ruqaya Bashir  Bashir Ahmad Lone Ladoora Rafiabad 10th 58.20 W/Quota
5 Aamir Majeed Khan Abdul Majeed Khan Doligund Rafiabad 10th 49.80  
6 Zainab Bashir Bashir Ahmad Lone Budden Rafiabad 10th 48.40 W/Quota
7 Akhterah Gani Ab Gani Lone Khaiepora Qaziabad Kup. 10th 47.00 W/Quota
8 Ishrat Nazir Nazir Ahmad Mir Ladoora Rafiabad 10th 46.40 W/Quota
9 Shaheena Akhter Ghulam Mohi UD Din Dar Rohama Rafiabad 10th 45.60 W/Quota
10 Sajad Ahmad Wani Mohmmad Ashraf Wani Rohama Rafiabad 10th 44.20  
11 Irshad Ahmad Nanwai Mohd Sultan Nanwai Rohama Rafiabad 10th 39.60  
12 Jahangir Ahmad Tantary Abdul Ahad Tantry Rohama Rafiabad 10th 38.40  
13 Mohmmad Jameel Ahanger Ab Gani Ahanger Ladu Ladoora Rafiabad 10th 38.20  
14 Shayasta Ashraf  Mohammad Ashraf  Budden Rafiabad 10th 37.00 W/Quota
15 Fozia Ashraf  Mohammad Ashraf Lone Budden Rafiabad 10th 33.60 W/Quota
Wating list for Pre-Prepratory School Mangement Trade Free Seats
1 Ajaz Ahmad Tantray Ab Khaliq Tantray Rohama Rafiabad 10th 38.20  
2 Irshad Ahmad Tantry Gh Rasool Tantry Rohama Rafiabad 10th 38.00  
3 Afroze Ahmad Lone Gh Hassan Lone Patoosa Rafiabad 10th 36.40  
4 Safeer Ahmad Tantary Gulam Rasool Tantary Rohama Rafiabad 10th 36.00  
 List of candidates selected for Domestic House Keeping  Trade Session Feb.2014 under SCVT (Fee Seats)
1 Aamina Nabi Gh Nabi Parray Bakhipora Rafiabad 10th 47.20  
2 Shamshada Abdullah Mohd Abdullah  Shatloo Rafiabad 10th 44.80  
3 Rukhsana Akhtar  Ghulam Mohammad Rather Lasser Rafiabad 10th 42.00  
4 Shaista Kabir  Ab Kabir Lone Koshipora Rafiabad 10th 39.60  
5 Mansoora Bano Manzoor Ahmad Lone Shatloo Rafiabad 10th 39.60  
6 Tahira Bano Bashir Ahmad Lone Humdub Rafiabad 10th 39.20  
7 Jabeena Bano Sanullah Malla Panzulla Rafiabad 10th 39.00  
8 Rubeena Nabi Gh Nabi Parray Bakhipora Rafiabad 10th 37.60  
9 Nasreena Bano Gh Ahmad Parray Bakhipora Rafiabad 10th 35.60  
  No:-ITI-ROH/Tech-72                 Superintendent
  Dated:-     -02-2014       Industrial Traing Institute

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